Caribbean Flava - St Lucia's First Internet Radio Station.


My first project was Caribbean Flava which was created and founded in August 2010  and run by my myself and my  ex's partner Marcus Derville.

Caribbean Flava was a Internet Radio station based here in the UK which catered for the St Lucia Community specially but also for all Caribbean Islands. 


All our shows were live over the internet hitting countries from tUSA, SOuth Africa and the Caribbean.


Caribbean Flava have been whining  they audiances with they vibrate live hot streaming show.


It was very unfortuante for us to have to close the station down when we had to relocate due to lack of premise. 


As one of the founders and creator of the station.  My partner chose the name and i created everything else from the logo design to all the flyers, T-shirts,  and created and organised all of out events.


I also with the help of out computer wizard Dennis created our first website which we streamed all our live shows from.

Caribbean Flava Website 

Caribbean Flava Logo

St Lucia's first internet  Radio Station.

Like everything at the beginning you have problems and here you can see the process of developing our Logo from start to now. 

​Caribbean Flava News Letter.​

I have written and created every issue of Caribbean Flava Newsletter.

These news letters are not based solely for the events of Caribbean Flava but to also supply information to the community such as benefit advice, health matters, business advertisement and much more.


Caribbean Flava = Magazine Website 

I also created our other website which was our magaizne which held all our newsletters and events and flyers plus community news and all updates and allowed companies to advertise through both of our websites. 

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