Greenlight Youth Club


In line with Caribbean Flava Radio Station we approached Greenlight Youth CLub whom the owners are of St Lucia hertiagae about joing forces in promoting a event which they hosted every year at East Ham Town Hall, which is the Raising of the Flag.  A St Lucian traditional. 

To incoporate the celebration of the raising of the Flag we held our first joint dance at stratford town Hall.  


I created the flyers and the tickets for the event, decorated the hall and organised  the DJ off the radio station to provide the music for the night.


The event was a major success and we were able to do it the following year. The third year we had closed the station so did not particiate in ir. 


Press  enter to any of the item below to see the works created for Greenlight.

Flyers for Greenlight

Raising the Flag 

National Day Booklet

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