Unlike other online Magazines OnikehV12 is created and written solely by me.

This is what you may call my outlet in life.

Every one has ways in which they express themselves to the world and this magazine that i have created is mine. 

Yes i am here willing and able to the best of my abilities to create something for you.

 For in my creations is how i create and express myself.

Yet here is where I can share a bit of myself with the world.

My head is full of ideas and sometimes it hard to keep all bottled up in there,

so now i can let them all out lol.


We live in a world where those like myself where not allowed or encourage to openly express ones ideas without being shut down and laughed upon.  

We grow up with parent through no fault of they own suppressed any signs of creativity with the motion that it was a waste of time and not money effective and was seemed as an embarrassment to the both parents. family and friends.

We all have our little gifts inside us, some of us are creative with our hands and can turn a piece of wood into a masterpiece of furniture. Others can put pen to paper and write a song to chant the hearts of a living soul, well others like my self can see beauty where others cant and work with it.

Well with a little inner courage i ventured forward into waters unknown and decided to use what the good Lord gave me.

Working with a new project called Caribbean Flava I have moved from creating the odd cards to creating flyers that would be seen by all.

Like every thing new it was hard and comments were not always pleasant, but like most you have to take the thick with the smooth.

This did not stop me, i struggled on fighting against all the negative vibes and comments to produce more and more to end up where i am now.

I am a fighter not a quitter. 

As the Editor, writer, designer and production person for Caribbean Flava, i have come a long way.

You will find in this magazine, my designs. my poems. my movies likes & dislikes, my favorite food, and a bit more of me here and there.

What can i say there is a lot of me to spread around.




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