Onikehv12 was created and started in August 2012

First thing first where did the name Onikehv12 come from.  Well Onikeh is my middle name and V12 was given to my by my good friend Silkcut  after witnessing how i drive.  So putting the two together - well the rest is history.

I started playing around with my friend photo just a way to say thanks or wish them a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas on Facebook especially for friends and family aboard.

What i did not expect was the response i received from all those that received my photo designs, a few friends suggestion I turn my hand to doing more but as a business.

​At first i thought 'yea rite'  yet i was surprised when the word went around that i do this that people actually wanted they photos recreated.


Some of my designs include poems which i have written myself.

I have created photo's designs for:-








Hen nights 

& Basics every day photo

So if you like my designs and want your photo recreated 

Contact me on my contact page with your details and requirements 

You will always find my OnikehV12 - logo by my photo's

I am also responsible for creating and maintain Caribbean Flava's  Website, Magazine and creating Caribbean Flava's flyers, logo and another design works. 




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